Savage Crossfire Abruptly Ends Seperatist Assault in the Ukraine

first published on March 16, 2017 by

An assault along a road in Ukraine stumbles into a well-conceived kill-zone and is abruptly halted by killer crossfire from both flanks. Aimed machine gun fire from both sides quickly rips through the dismounts, killing and wounding several in quick succession and with no chance for rescue.

A purported assault by Russian separatists along a wooded road in Ukraine advances under fire, and unknowingly into a deadly kill-zone. Sweeping ahead of a tank, suppressive fire from the left flank increasingly intensifies as they push forward.

The cameraman grabs some cover behind several large concrete blocks in the center of the street – a decision that probably saves his life. Several of his comrades grab some cover off to the left side of the road but the team’s point man advances too far.

He catches a bullet and quickly goes down in the open. A brief lull ensues as the Russians bring the tank forward, but enemy fire from the right side picks up. Three Russians follow the tank, taking advantage of the mobile cover as they try to get closer to their wounded comrade.

The tank lumbers along the road, but oddly offers no suppressive fire as the trio begin engaging the enemy position on the right side. In the confusion, they make a deadly mistake – they forget about the enemy position on their left.

A fury of tracer rounds and impacts can be seen ripping through them as they are hit with well-aimed machine gun fire from both sides. Eventually hitting and wounding all three, the survivors desperately crawl for any cover they can find. With more than half of his team laying on the ground dead or bleeding, the cameraman opts for a hasty solo retreat. He turns and runs, revealing another casualty on the ground just a few meters behind him.


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