Saudi-Coalition Troops are Struck by Savage Back to Back IED’s

first published on May 21, 2017 by

Several Saudi-coalition troops strike a large IED along a snaking roadside. The rescuers sent to help, are savaged by another hidden secondary in this brutal video released by the Houthi rebels.

Houthi rebels conceal themselves above an unimproved and twisting road. A pair of purported Saudi troops traverse the dirt path below them in an unarmored pick-up. As the truck approaches a slight turn, the rebels detonate an IED buried several meters from the road.

The well-timed explosion rocks the thin-skinned vehicle as it passes, spraying it with shrapnel and engulfing the site with black smoke. The damaged truck screeches to a halt, the fate of its occupants yet unknown.

A second unarmored pick-up and additional troops arrive on the scene an indeterminable amount of time later and tend to the casualties. They load up the severely wounded or possible KIA driver and passenger and evac them out.

The rebel cameraman then focuses on two more coalition troops who begin to wander forward of the explosion site and as another pick-up truck attempts to recover the damaged vehicle. When the two soldiers reach a small embankment overlooking and flanking the suspicious road, a second, larger IED explodes.

Detonating in a fireball on the opposite side of the road some 20 meters away, the IED again violently sprays the unsuspecting soldiers with deadly shrapnel. Both men near instantly drop from the concussion and lateral fragmentation. Repeating the scene from earlier, the video concludes with both soldiers being either severely wounded or killed.