Saudi Technical Backs Away From An IED… Into An IED

first published on September 8, 2017 by

Even with all that Saudi oil wealth, these guys just can’t buy a break. A KSA military technical truck can be seen cruising through the Yemeni desert, when all of a sudden the vehicle’s operator notices something in the road he doesn’t like.

He immediately puts the truck in reverse to gain standoff from the possible improvised explosive device… and that is when another bomb explodes under them. Although I’m not exactly sure what happened here, it reminds me of the early years of GWOT. The US started out with strict rules regarding actions taken upon discovering an IED. As per doctrine, the convoy would move back 300 meters and report the device to higher headquarters while searching the immediate area.

It didn’t take long for the insurgents to catch on to this, and soon there were secondary devices hidden on the roadside 300 meters on each side of an IED or a decoy intended to look like an IED. Once you become predictable, you die.


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