Saudi Soldiers Panic After Being Ambushed By Guerrilla Fighters

first published on August 24, 2016 by

A mobile patrol from the Saudi Arabian military is ambushed by Houthi Rebels. They immediately panic, get into a brutal armored vehicle accident, and die.

While on a mounted patrol in the South Western city of Najran, near the boarder of Yemen, Saudi Arabian troops are ambushed. The driver of the lead vehicle immediately begins to panic, and loses control of his vehicle. This results in a collision between the two vehicles, causing the Saudi troops to be trapped under heavy direct fire.

Capitalizing on this, the Houthi rebels kick up the intensity of their ambush by starting to close with the Saudi vehicles. Within minutes, both vehicles are burning, and their crews are killed while attempting to abandon then. This is just another great example of the power of Guerrilla Warfare.