Saudi Outpost Savagely Overrun by Houthi Rebels

first published on January 11, 2017 by

A Saudi outpost in Yemen is savagely overrun by Houthi rebels. While advanced weapons and fancy gear steal international headlines, small-unit actions still present the violent reality of the battlefield in Yemen.

The proxy war in Yemen between the Saudi led Arab coalition and the Iranian backed Houthi rebels continues to escalate. A recent string of cruise missile attacks aimed at Riyadh and the alleged downing of several Saudi aircraft – combined with the purported hi-jacking of an American made but Saudi operated underwater drone and recent Houthi threats to cut off international shipping in the Red Sea from the port of Hodeidah, shows the growing volatility of the situation.

Increasingly sophisticated arms shipments from Iran have greatly increased the lethality, range, and geo-political power of the rag-tag Houthi rebels. The Saudi’s have retaliated with a stiff naval blockade and increased airstrikes; both resulting in the alarming number of civilian deaths from starvation and collateral damage. However, late last year the Saudi’s did allow a loosening of restrictions on international food shipments into the port of Hodeidah.

Currently, the Saudi lead coalition is attempting to take the port via a land route, depriving the Houthi’s of their last easy-access to Iranian smuggled weapons. If successful, the Saudi campaign may be able to greatly reduce all arms shipments to the rebels. But if they fail, the sandal wearing Houthi’s will continue to fire advanced weapons into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Video begins with just three rebels ascending below a small Saudi outpost. Concealed in the rocks until the last moment, they open fire and start throwing grenades into the bunkers. Completely surprising the defending Saudi troops, they’re now on top of the escarpment firing down into the positions. One Saudi soldier breaks cover and makes a run for it – he is easily gunned down by the assailants.

The Houthi’s then begin clearing the Saudi position and possible chase off the now fleeing soldiers. They exchange gunfire at close range inside the position but despite their wild jihadi shooting skills, mange to kill the last few survivors. The bloody scene shows several dead Saudi troops, spent brass, and scattered weapons in the redoubt. The video concludes with the three rebels clearing the rest of the seemingly deserted outpost.

Regardless of the international headlines and big blue arrows in some general’s office, small-unit leadership and discipline are the key to an infantrymen’s survival in the field. Constructing a proper defense in depth, a well-rehearsed reaction plan, and maintaining diligent patrols and sentry’s is defensive strategy 101. The Saudi outpost in this case, failed to achieve these simple rules and were easily killed and overrun by just three rebels.


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