Saudi Outposts Get Hammered By Accurate Mortar Fire In Yemen

first published on September 11, 2018 by

Various pro Saudi outposts are the target of mortar and artillery fire in Yemen in this video filmed by a Yemeni Army or popular committee reconnaissance drone on the west coast.

Various media outlets describe the targets as “Saudi mercenaries” which is incredibly vague and could mean any number of international entities and organizations.

For starters, the Saudi operations in Yemen are backed by some of the the Gulf Cooperation Council member states like United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar. In addition to that Senegal, Sudan, and Morocco also have military units assisting the Saudi coalition in Yemen.

Thousands of free lance military contractors, originating from Sudan, Chad, Uganda, and even Australia and Colombia, have been employed by the Saudis as well. Reports have suggested that Academi has several hundred contractors in Yemen training these mercenaries inside the country.

It’s no longer a secret that US Army Special Forces and Navy SEALs (among other Western Spec Ops units) are operating in Yemen, and would likely base out of similar outposts as the ones seen in this video. So when you see videos like these, keep in mind the very real possibility that there may be Americans on the receiving end.


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