Saudi Cop Kills Two Heavily Armed ISIS Fighters With Only His Pistol

first published on January 8, 2017 by

A Saudi cop is attacked by two suspected ISIS terrorists who are both armed with AK-47s and strapped with explosive-laden suicide vests. The militants assault forward, spraying officer Jeeran Awaji’s patrol car with multiple rounds. Awaji is taking cover in front of the vehicle, reloading his weapon. The thugs assume that he must be incapacitated and attempt to steal his cruiser. At that point, Awaji springs out from cover and drains his service pistol’s magazine into the terrorists from only a few feet away. One is killed while sitting in the driver seat and the other is dropped in the street. Awaji was wounded during the incident, but is recovering.

saudi cop

This video just adds further proof of how worthless jihadists are. Sure, they can shoot up soft targets like night clubs, but when actually confronted with any kind of force they get rolled.


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