Saudi Airstrikes Continue in Yemen: Destroying Personnel, Vehicles, and Encampments with Guided Munitions

first published on December 21, 2017 by

Compilation footage of the current Saudi airstrikes against Houthi rebels in Yemen. Pounding personnel, vehicles, and rebel encampments with guided munitions, the advanced Saudi aircraft select targets of opportunity in the contested and forsaken country.

Purported Royal Saudi Air Force footage of multiple airstrikes against Houthi targets in Yemen. Though relatively short, it crams in multiple strikes against rebel fighters, vehicles, and encampments – often in Yemen’s harsh and desolate countryside. The Aircraft track the unsuspecting targets from high above, using their technology to observe and then strike the militants. Target after target gets destroyed, picked off without ever knowing what hit them.

With another launch of an Iranian built cruise missile targeting Saudi Arabia by the Houthi’s just a few days ago, and the fracture of elements within the Houthi controlled territory earlier this month – the highly complex war doesn’t show signs of ending anytime soon. However, these recent developments may have a silver lining.

The cruise missiles fired into Saudi Arabia have drawn widespread notoriety and condemnation throughout the region and larger international players. Questioning the Iranian arms support of the Houthi’s and heightening the profile of tensions between Sunni lead Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran. The recent loss of Yemen’s capital Sana’a to a fracture within elements of the Houthi rebels may be a stronger indicator. Losing the capital after this internal fighting, and the willingness of the new faction to negotiate with the Saudi lead coalition may strike a major blow to the Houthi’s and bring the brutal civil war to an end.


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