SAS Wore U.S. Uniforms On Delta Force Raid

first published on September 11, 2015 by

It is now being reported that British Special Forces, dressed in U.S. uniforms and carrying American weapons to hide their identity, took part in the Delta Force raid that killed ISIS financier, “Abu Sayyaf” three months ago.

According to the Daily Mail, the SAS troops were inserted near to the objective prior to the raid to observe and gather intel about the target and enemy activity in the area.

The SAS disguised their identity because British troops are only supposed to be operating on the ground in Iraq, and have not been given permission by UK politicians to carry out missions in Syria.

isis leader 2

For me, the raid raised questions as to what the actual intent was. Officially, they said it was to capture Abu Sayyaf, and within hours of the exfil, it was released to the media, bragging about the amount of intel they captured. Since when are Delta Force’s activities used as public relations stunts or even acknowledged at all? Additionally, if they really did capture a “treasure trove” of intel as they claimed, wouldn’t they sit quietly on it for a week or so, executing operations on actionable intel? Now that SAS’ involvement has come to light, only more questions have been raised.


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