British SAS and USSOF Soldiers Were Killed By Turkish FSA In Syria

first published on April 2, 2018 by

It is now being thought that the British and American special forces troops killed in Syria on Thursday were targeted by Turkish FSA proxy fighters.

British SAS SGT Matt Tonroe and American Green Beret MSGT Jonathan Dunbar were killed by an explosion, likely an IED, while carrying out a low profile operation in Manbij, Syria. Five other coalition troops were wounded in the incident.

According to reports the joint US-UK team were traveling in a soft-skin white van when the attack occurred. Two Kurdish female fighters were believed to be among the wounded and were being treated at a local hospital.

turkish fsa

Reports indicate that the wounded Western troops were CASEVACed from attack site in ground vehicles and taken to a nearby roundabout so coalition MEDEVAC helicopters could land and retrieve them.

Special Air Service sniper Matt Tonroe is the first UK soldier to be killed in Syria. Some reports have said that SAS forces are now withdrawing from Manbij to avoid proxy conflict between fellow NATO members.”

A Turkish newspaper wrote that over ten thousand Turkish-backed FSA jihadists are staged to overtake Manbij from the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). They are just waiting on the confirmation from Turkish President Erdogan.

More US special operations troops have been shifted to Manbij to reinforce current troops strength. US military officials assured the SDF that they have no intentions of leaving Manbij, even as President Trump told the media that we would be leaving Syria very soon.

Meanwhile France is considering sending troops to Manbij to assist US and SDF troops in preparation for a Turkish FSA assault on Manbij. The Turkish Defense Minister fumed that any deployment of French troops to northern Syria would be seen as a hostile invasion.

Considering Turkey is directly responsible for the swarms of military-aged male “refugees” flooding French streets as well as the resurgence of ISIS in Syria… France may not be concerned with Turkey’s current outrage.