Sandal Wearing Houthi Rebels Destroy Multi-Million-Dollar Abrams Tank

first published on February 11, 2019 by

Sandal wearing Houthi rebels easily destroy a Saudi-coalition Abrams tank after a brief skirmish. The multi-million-dollar piece of equipment is seemingly abandoned without much of a fight on the part of the coalition troops, before being set on fire by the rebel raiding party.

A Saudi led coalition outpost on a small hill comprised of several mutually supporting positions is targeted by Houthi rebels somewhere purportedly in Yemen. The lightly equipped rebels begin harassing the coalition troops and quickly drive a roughly squad sized element away from one of the lower redoubts. The coalition troops quickly respond by driving a lone Abrams tank back to the position and it begins firing towards the assaulting rebels. After narrowly missing a small concentration of Houthis, it seeks cover in a dugout.

After a few moments in the dugout, the tank is quickly targeted and takes a direct hit from an unknown type of ordinance. The ensuing explosion rocks the tank and spooks the crew enough to begin vacating the safety of the armored behemoth, but they are quickly engaged by small arms fire from the Houthis. The rebels use this brief lull to maneuver on the position and make their way up the hill. They attack at close range and after a brief firefight, drive any remaining coalition infantry and the surviving crew from the fortification.

At this point in the video, the coalition troops appear to abandon most of the defensive position and a number of them can be seen rapidly exfiltrating the area. A row of Humvees, pick-ups, and a second Abrams tank speed away via a nearby road. However, either a rearguard is left to aid the evacuation, or possible accidentally left behind in the confusion, and the Houthis continue in a brief fight to take the hill. After looting a .50 caliber heavy machine gun, the sandal clad rebels begin cautiously inching towards the abandoned tank.

With the telltale whine of the Abrams tank’s gas turbine engine still running, the Houthis quickly investigate the scene. Reveling several dead coalition troops, they immediately begin attempting to set the expensive piece of hardware on fire which eventually goes up in flames. While the tank certainly took damage and dropped a track – visible at 7:59 and 8:08 respectively – abandoning a nearly five-million-dollar piece of equipment after leaving it without sufficient infantry support is an overall poor showing for the Saudi-coalition.