Sand People Sniper Montage: Houthis Making Headshots

first published on June 6, 2017 by

Remember that time the Sand People A.K.A. Tusken Raiders were camped out on the dune turn taking potshots at the pod racers in Star Wars: Episode I? This footage is a lot like that, only in real life.

sand people

A newly uploaded video by the Houthi’s “Wrath of Yemen” social media accounts shows a number of long range precision rifle engagements against Saudi, Sudanese, and other pro Saudi troops in Yemen.

Although presented as a kill montage, most of the shots are likely misses. However, there are definitely a few indisputable hits shown in the video as well. Based on the report to impact timing, some of these shots were taken from extremely long ranges.

While actual news reports indicate the pro Saudi coalition is likely “winning,” the Houthi media team is doing well to paint a different picture, and is at the very least exposing the heavy cost the Saudis and their allies are paying for that victory.


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