Salt Lake City VA Hospital Under Investigation After Photos Released

first published on May 2, 2018 by

Photographs taken inside of the Salt Lake City Veterans Affairs hospital were released on Twitter by the concerned father of a retired soldier, showing unprofessional and unsanitary healthcare conditions. Robert Wilkie, the current acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs, said that the unsanitary conditions are further evidence that Congress must make more outside care options available to all veterans across the United States of America. An investigation into the situation is now underway.

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Twitter user Stephen Wilson, a staunch and outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump, recently tweeted out three images that were taken inside of the Salt Lake City VA hospital during his son’s last visit to the facility. The now viral images show the inside of a hospital room that is in absolute disarray and chaos. Opened medical supplies cover a counter that is next to an open sink full of what appears to be plaster for cast molding. A trash can also sits on the floor, overflowing with disposable bed pads. Other random items are also littering the room, from a disposable Styrofoam cup to a second counter-top that is completely unorganized and shows that little attention to detail is present inside of the exam room.

These images come just days after the current acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Robert Wilkie, began initiatives to privatize key department missions inside of the VA in order to cut back on government bureaucracy and responsibilities, while making more outside care options available to veterans around the United States. Wilkie also promised that a full internal investigation would be launched into the situation, stating that the conditions shown were “Simply unacceptable,” and promising that “our team there and across all of VA is doubling down to ensure that exam rooms and other treatment areas meet VA’s strong standards.” You can see an image of the full tweet from Stephen Wilson below.

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According to veterans that we are in contact with that live in Salt Lake City, who also frequent the VA hospital there for their own service connected medical conditions, the Salt Lake City VA hospital is generally a very clean location with very helpful and respectful employees. That said however, the location is currently under-going a heavy amount of construction, which is causing a lot of issues for the veterans in the area who require their assistance. “The construction at the Salt Lake City Veterans Affairs hospital has made it near impossible for more than a few hundred of us to be able to go every day, and this has been going on for months now,” a veteran who lives in Salt Lake City, and relies on the facilities there for treatment said.

What are your thoughts on the situation with the Department of Veterans AFfairs? Over the past few years, it seems like many aspects of the institution have been changing for the better. As someone who lives in a rural area, my personal experiences with the VA are probably drastically different than someone who lives closer to a VA hospital, so we want to hear your opinions and experiences as well. Come back to us in the comments section on Facebook, and let’s start a serious discussion. What have your personal experiences with the VA been like in the past five years, and what can be done on an institutional level in order to improve not only the treatment of American Veterans, but also the experience inside of the VA?


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