Taliban Fighting Inside The Wire: FOB Salerno in Afghanistan 2012

first published on September 21, 2016 by

After a 2,000 suicide vehicle breeches a hole in the perimeter of FOB Salerno, heavily armed Taliban fighters, strapped with SVESTS, get inside the wire.

During an attack against FOB Salerno on June 1st, 2012, Taliban fighters get inside the wire. The attack is initiated by a 2,000 pound suicide vehicle. The hole that was created in the perimeter was the entry point for follow on forces. Taliban fighters that make it inside of the FOB are able to get about 50 meters in before they get killed by U.S. Forces.

The following footage was recorded on one of the persistent ground surveillance systems inside of FOB Salerno. At 1:45, you can see one of the RPG gunners take a round to one of his rockets. This causes a sympathetic detonation and kills him. At 4:45, one of the Taliban fighters runs to the pile of his dead friends and lays down pretending to be dead This is an attempt at using his SVEST to kill any troops that come to dead check him.

All of the Taliban fighters are killed during the attack. One American is severely wounded, and he dies weeks later in the hospital.