Marine Corps Ball Interrupted By Trump Protestors – Safe Spaces Implode

first published on November 11, 2016 by

A group of anti-Trump protesters accidentally stumble upon a Marine Corps Ball celebration. Their safe spaces are immediately violated.

Marines conducting a Pub Crawl in honor of the Marine Corps birthday were startled when they ran into a group of Anti-Trump protestors on the streets of Tampa, Florida. The resulting verbal bashing forced Police Officers to form a human barrier between the two groups in order to further prevent the decimation of the protestors safe space.

According to early reports, there are a lot of hurt feelings forms being filled out by the protestors as they feel the Marines violated their safety by chanting “USA,” louder then they were able to chant “Dump Trump.”

I’m sure that the protestors will be talking about this encounter inside of their college safe zones for the next few years. They may even be forced to take up a Yoga Self Defense course after every Tofu Tuesday. If they learned one thing, I bet it was to never come in between a Marine and the sacred holiday of the Marine Corps Birthday.

Semper Fidelis Marines.


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