SAA Platoon Assaults Through Withering Rebel Fire

first published on June 5, 2018 by

A Syrian Arab Army (SAA) platoon sprints through withering suppressive fire during an urban assault against Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels. Astonishingly, through either luck or the poor shooting skill of the rebels, they appear to make it through the maelstrom largely unmolested.

An overly garrulous and high-pitched FSA cameraman sits in an elevated hide on the flank of a concealed SAA platoon and focuses intently on a doorway. The unseen soldiers are grabbing cover behind a cinder block wall marred with battle damage and just moments from initiating the assault. Abruptly, a single solider emerges from the entry at full sprint and advances towards the rebels.

After a scant few meters in the open the soldier begins to stumble, and precariously, though hilariously, tangles himself in his rifle sling while crashing to the deck. Faceplanted, he clumsily recovers and clambers to his feet. He quickly regains his forward momentum but after just a few steps an RPG whizzes past him before striking the cinder block wall to his rear.

The RPG explodes near the doorway where the SAA soldier originated, engulfing the area in lung-choking smoke. This smoke however, probably helps conceal the troops who now finally begin to follow their comrade into the open.

With momentum finally flowing their way, some two dozen soldiers then rush along the narrow path in single-file. Incessant rebel machine-gun fire rips through the air above their heads in rapid, but ineffectual bursts. Amazingly, the rebels appear to inflict little or no damage on the SAA platoon – who advance out of the cameraman’s view.

After an original video edit by the rebels and appearing to be in the same general vicinity, the rebels then stalk several unaware soldiers clustered outside of a house. An FSA gunner located with the squawking cameraman opens fire and pathetically misses the vulnerable targets. The soldiers already engaged in a firefight at the house seem to not realize where this fire is coming from and sluggishly vacate the kill-zone as rounds impact all around them. The SAA troops appear to advance and escape in both instances thanks to a bit of luck and the consistently egregious shooting skills of the rebels.

Warning: High doses of snackbar in this video


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