SAA Pound Fleeing ISIS Fighters with ATGM’s Near T-2 Pumping Station

first published on November 7, 2017 by

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) pound fleeing ISIS fighters with ATGM’s east of the strategic T-2 pumping station in Syria, destroying multiple vehicles and killing ISIS rats on their drive to liberate the Syrian-Iraq border region.

Recent footage showing the SAA engage a fleeing ISIS unit with ATGM’s near the T-2 pumping station in Eastern Syria. Exploiting a typically amateurish retreat, they score hit after hit with heavy weapons and easily dominate the battlefield. ISIS runs, but given the number of burning vehicles on the horizon, they probably died tired.

fleeing isis

Having liberated the strategic desert asset this past month, the SAA continues its multi-pronged advance on the final Syrian ISIS stronghold of Al-Bukamal, driving south along the Euphrates from the recently liberated Deir-ez-Zur, and east through the desert and along the Iraqi border.

If successful, these operations would effectively cut the remnant caliphate in two between Iraq and Syria and even more disturbingly, connect the logistically strategic highway between Al-Qa’im and Deir-ez-Zur. Once secured, this highway would then link Iran to Lebanon (Hezbollah) and the Mediterranean via an unobstructed land route.


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