Incredible Footage Of SAA Crushing Stiff ISIS Resistance In Yarmouk

first published on May 1, 2018 by

Incredible footage by the Russian ANNA News Agency shows a brutal Syrian offensive to crush ISIS resistance in Yarmouk.

Similar to the recent footage of the SAA operating in Eastern Ghouta, the Russian-backed Syrian troops soften enemy-held buildings with airstrikes and tank rounds. The Syrian forces seem to have finally gotten a grasp on infantry/armor interoperability as they alternately bound with ground and mounted units into ISIS territory.

Unlike the Eastern Ghouta footage, however, the Islamic State forces in Yarmouk can be seen putting up stiff resistance. In the video, multiple rocket propelled grenades and small arms fire can be seen targeting the attacking troops.

Yarmouk is technically a Palestinian refugee camp as well as a Damascus suburb. It is still inhabited by several hundred embattled civilians, who are hunkered down amongst the ruins and defending ISIS fighters.

According to reports, an estimated 1,500 – 2,000 well-entrenched Islamic State combatants are surrounded in Yarmouk. It is not likely that they will accept a peace deal, and their fate will be violent death in the very near future.

Yarmouk is said to be the last opposition-held neighborhood within the vicinity of the Syrian capital of Damascus. As the video ends, ISIS fighters are seen retreating further into the contested neighborhood.