SAA Armored Units Clear Territory Around Rebel Enclave in Douma

first published on April 9, 2018 by

Syrian Ministry of Defense released video of armored Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units clearing territory near the town of Douma in the Damascus suburbs. The tiny rebel enclave is all that remains of the Eastern Ghouta pocket – which has survived a relentless and months long air and ground campaign that has left hundreds of dead and the region devastated.

This recently released video highlights a well-equipped SAA unit as it purportedly consolidates territory in Douma from Jaish al-Islam. Syrian Tanks with supporting infantry and BMP’s storm through the neighborhood blasting insurgent targets and capturing the ruins. The Jaish al-Islam militants are all that remains after a brutal air and artillery bombardment that was quickly followed by a series of shrewd negotiations with the various factions to turn over contested territory to the control of the regime.

Negotiations for the safe withdrawal of militants and their families has been prevalent during much of the recent Eastern Ghouta offensive conducted by the SAA. Various groups have been making deals that typically involve relocating them without heavy weapons to northern Syria. According to some recent reports, Jaish al-Islam signed a deal mediated by Russia to remove nearly fifty thousand militants and their families in the next few days.


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