Although Losing Mosul, ISIS Releases Ruthless Sniper Kill Montage

first published on November 29, 2016 by

This ruthless sniper kill montage, recently released by the Islamic State’s northern Iraq public relations team, proves that an animal is most dangerous when it is injured and backed into a corner.

Reports from the fight suggest that 600 civilians have been killed in the fighting to retake the city, while several dozen Iraqi and Kurdish troops have also been killed. Iraqi commanders are frustrated with the slow progress as a result of not being able to use heavy weaponry for fear of killing more civilians and creating a public relations backlash, both in the city and internationally. Instead of leveling insurgent-held buildings from afar, the pro-Iraqi troops are forced to close with and destroy the enemy in close quarters battles.

The battle is an absolute nightmare for those fighting it. Heavily armored car bombs continue to charge the perimeter, while every block of every neighborhood holds hidden, explosive booby traps. The following video shows just one more element of that nightmare… talented enemy snipers.

The video, although originally 20 minutes in length but edited down to remove unnecessary propaganda, begins with an ISIS sniper team using an American sniper rifle built off the Remington Model 700 platform with freshly packaged NATO ammunition. This prop placement was done intentionally.

The following video contains extremely graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.


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