Russia’s New Terminator Suit Makes You Invincible?

first published on April 23, 2016 by

A woman casually walks through a field of detonating explosions while wearing Russia’s new ‘Terminator’ suit. Is she invincible?

No she isn’t invincible, and the video released by the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia is actually quite laughable. If you pay attention to the video, you’ll notice not a single one of the ‘explosions’ actually causes a physical reaction to the surrounding environment.

So by that thought, not only did Russia create a ‘Terminator’ suit, which will allow it’s soldiers to completely ignore… pretty much war in general, they’ve also managed to displace the power of that suit to the environment.

Which means no longer will historic pieces of infrastructure be affected. We’re witnessing a miracle, folks! Who would’ve thought a sexy slim-fitting body suit could totally deny physics as we understand it.

Or, this is just a video of a woman in a flame retardant suit walking through a field of pyrotechnics. Well played Russia, you may have fooled a group of American tabloid agencies trying to sell clicks to grandma, but we see what you did there.


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