Russian Su-24 Airstrike Underbelly Footage

first published on October 6, 2015 by

Russian Air Force footage shows an Su-24 dropping dumb-bombs on a suspected FSA position in Idlib, Syria.

According to U.S. officials, Russia is intentionally targeting the so-called “moderate” CIA-backed militants rather than going after ISIS as they claimed they would. My question is: Why wouldn’t they bomb the moderates? Russia is there to protect their puppet, Assad. The Western-backed Free Syrian Army groups are consistently knocking off Assad’s troops with TOW missiles and raids. If the Russians are there to protect Assad, then going after the “moderate” militant groups is absolutely necessary and shouldn’t come as a shock to the currently bewildered Pentagon officials.

The U.S. had previously said they’d be willing to work with the Russians in Syria… so long as the Russians acknowledged that Assad needs to be replaced. Why would the Russians agree to that absurd stipulation? What would they stand to gain? Nothing. They already have a contract with Assad that allows them the use of a Mediterranean naval port that facilitates them in not having to use the Turkey/NATO controlled Bosphorus Strait into the Black Sea. As we saw in Crimea, Putin is more than willing to use strong military force to protect his naval assets.

Additionally, if Russia were to insist that Assad steps down… Would Russia or the West get to put their presidential puppet in place? Would it matter? It would certainly become another power vacuum situation like Libya or Iraq, and yes, I do believe that the situation in Syria could become dramatically worse. There are obviously certain entities within or above NATO benefiting from these hellish Middle Eastern conflicts where tribal, religious, and regional forces are influenced from outside to perpetuate conflict. Does Russia think they can play in this game, or are they just drawing themselves into another 1980’s Afghanistan debacle? Is that the West’s intention… and Russia is finally taking the bait?

The current, complex situation in Syria can be described as a powder keg, seconds from detonation. Russia’s military, although powerful, is also notoriously sloppy in its actions. Two instances of Russian aircraft violating NATO member Turkey’s airspace have greatly escalated tensions. What will happen when Turkey shoots the next one down?

The only thing clear, at this point, is that ISIS continues to sustain its role as the useful idiot. The presence of ISIS allowed the U.S. to enter Syria and continue operations in Iraq. The presence of ISIS allowed Turkey to begin airstrikes… against the Kurds. Now ISIS, being a threat to Russian interests, has allowed Putin to begin military operations in the Middle East, mainly against CIA-backed FSA fighters. Don’t take your eyes off this one, folks.

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