All Kinds of Russian Special Operations Forces Combat Footage from Syria

first published on March 15, 2017 by

The following news report, highlighting Russian Special Operations Forces (SSO) combat operations, came out of Palmyra, Syria earlier this month. The elite Russian troops can be seen destroying ISIS armor, conducting scouting and target acquisition operations for airstrikes, and engaging in direct fire combat with small arms and heavy weaponry.

The footage and accompanying news report is excellent, except it is lacking a major piece of information. Coincidentally, Western media isn’t talking about it either. During the Russian operation to retake Palmyra, the US-led Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve conducted multiple precision airstrikes against ISIS and al Qaeda in support of these Russian and Syrian troops.

russian special forces

These Western airstrikes in support of Russian operations, and the recent allowance of Russian and Syrian troops through US/SDF lines into western Manbij, implies that the Russian and US governments are now working much closer together to eliminate ISIS under the Trump administration than during Obama’s war in which ISIS was left unchecked anywhere they were engaging Syrian military units.