Russian Special Forces Syrian Combat Footage

first published on December 12, 2016 by

Russian Special Forces can be seen operating in Syria in the first official release of footage from the Russian government since they acknowledged special operations occurring in Syria back in March.

The Russian government stated that the elite troops are conducting assassination operations, search and rescue missions, as well as directing airstrikes.

President Obama’s limp-wristed attempt to overthrow Syrian President Assad, by way of arming psychopathic, head chopping “moderate” rebels has stalled out since Russia became militarily involved.

Yet, ISIS just retook the entire city of Palmyra from the Syrian Army yesterday. The Russians initially announced their use of special operations troops during the Palmyra operation earlier this spring. The mission was a success, but now that they have focused their attempts on Aleppo, Palmyra was most likely left guarded by only Syrian troops, who are borderline useless. Russia is learning some hard lessons on fighting an insurgency while trying to rely on an incompetent, indigenous force.


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