Russian SOF Releases Stunning Moto Videos From Syria

first published on February 28, 2018 by

Russian SOF just produced two visually stunning moto videos from Syria for their 27 February holiday that honors Russian Special Operations Forces.

The video below is a combination of two videos released by the Russian Ministry of Defense that have been combined into one.

The videos share a striking resemblance to one released last year a this time. It’s unclear f this is just leftover footage or if it has been recently shot. Regardless, most of these clips have not been seen before.

The first segment centers around the ancient city of Palmyra which Russian SOF and Wagner private military contractors had to repeatedly take from the Islamic State. Each time the Russians would capture the city and hand it back to Syrian military forces, it would be quickly reconquered by ISIS. The Russians are undoubtedly proud of their success in Palmyra, and what’s left of the ancient city makes for a beautiful backdrop in the motivational video.

The second segment starts out with a team of heavily-armed operators mobbing around in a patrol boat, likely on the Euphrates River. The video then goes on to show off various pieces of equipment and gear like crew served weapon systems, dune buggies, and light armored gun trucks.

russian sof

The video has a very familiar feel to it, as if these operators are cut from the same cloth as our own. These Russian troops are nothing like the third-world animals spewing brainless religious verbal diarrhea. These are professional warriors, and under different circumstances, would no-doubt crack open a cold beer (or 15) with our own SOF dudes. The unfortunate reality is that they are more likely to be killing each other somewhere around Der Ezzor. It’s nothing personal. Strictly business.


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