Russian Separatists Ambush a Ukrainian Convoy

first published on June 1, 2017 by

Video shows Russian separatists ambush a Ukrainian convoy near Donetsk airport. The small team takes up positions in a concrete building and harasses the vehicles as they push through the wide-open kill zone.

The group finds cover in a hardened building along a possible Main Supply Route (MSR), in a featureless expanse near Donetsk. Initially taking up good positions and firing from inside the buildings cover, one of their comrades decides to go idiot-Mc-Beltfed and skylines their position with a futile fire-from-the-hip number.

Russian Separatists Attack Ukrainian Convoy

The video progresses with the Russian separatist element moving onto the rooftop of the former commercial or industrial building. They continue the small arms harassment and pull out what appears to be an aged, but still useful Soviet PTRD-41 Anti-tank rifle (If any of you gun whizzes out there have another suggestion on this, let us know in the comment thread). The single shot behemoth and an RPG bolster the team’s firepower, but they appear unable to land a successful mobility kill while the video is recording.

Russian Separatists Ambush a Ukrainian Convoy2

Eventually, one of the Ukrainian vehicles passing through the kill zone has a heavy weapon and the team’s location in the isolated building makes them the easy target. A heavy weapons impact on the roof rings the bell of several soldiers before the video cuts out.

With the video ending abruptly, it’s difficult to speculate on how the Russian element ended up. If the convoy continued to push though, then they may have been able to pull back safely with their casualties. However, if the Ukrainians had brought up an assault element with heavy weapons and armored vehicles, the lonely building in open terrain could easily become their last stand.


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