Russian Security Forces Clear House The Easy Way

first published on January 18, 2016 by

A Russian gunman has barricaded himself inside of his home for a last stand against Russian security forces. Things do not end well for him.

A lone gunman, who is apart of some Russian criminal underground, has barricaded himself inside of his house for a standoff with Russian security forces. Instead of using standard room clearing tactics to capture the threat, Russian security forces decide to take a different, more aggressive, approach.

The technique shown in this video is akin to the standard of room clearing you would see in the early days of Iraq. When there is a known bad guy in the house, and you have little risk of collateral damage, drop the entire house on his head.

Russian House Clearing

If you know without a shadow of doubt that the threat is the only person inside of a building, there is no reason to send men into harms way. A surgical, room by room operation to eliminate one threat is a waste of resources. If you can eliminate a threat, while minimizing collateral damage and keeping your men safe, do it.

Rig the building to explode while you keep it suppressed, and then bring the walls down on top of the threat.

Easy day.