Russian Proxy Convoy Ambushed Twice In Soft Skin Vehicles

first published on January 31, 2018 by

A video from Ukraine in 2014 shows a Russian proxy motorcade of soft skin vehicles conduct a mounted operation on which they are targeted by two ambushes.

Multiple civilian vehicles loaded with armed pro Russian separatist fighters stage up at a forward operating base before heading out into enemy territory.

Soon they encounter a “danger area” where the open road chokes down into a tight wooded section. The separatists begin to dismount designated marksman from the lead vehicle who are likely on their way to set up an observation or listening post, but soon they come under accurate direct fire.

russian proxy

Enemy rounds can be heard zipping in and the lead vehicle is struck multiple times, which appears to have set off the airbags as the engine smolders and billows smoke. The camera-mounted car begins evasive maneuvers, backing up and reorienting on a new heading. In doing so, they run the risk of running over their own fighters who are seeking concealment in the tall grass.

The escaping vehicle speeds away, again, coming dangerously close to hidden fellow fighters. Soon, the vehicle’s occupants find themselves on another stretch of road, thinking they have evaded the threat.

Suddenly, all hell breaks loose as a second ambush targets them from directly in front of their car. The rounds are accurate and can be heard cracking close by and striking the vehicle. It isn’t clear if the vehicle is disabled or if they rebels just decide to dismount to fight it out, but they exit the vehicle and take cover behind it.

Enemy rounds can be seen skipping down the road toward them, and plumes of smoke in the distant wood line are a visual forewarning of launched grenades about to land. Some of their attackers also seem to be confused and target a seemingly abandoned vehicle further up the road. Luckily for the Russian proxy force, they seem to be out of range of the grenade launcher, but the direct fire engagement continues for several minutes. It isn’t clear if any casualties were taken on either side.