Russian Paratrooper Survives Parachute Failure 1 Second Before Impact

first published on November 29, 2019 by

An insane video shows an extremely close call as a Russian paratrooper nearly craters after his parachute malfunctions during airborne operations.

russian paratrooper

The Russian jumpmaster is sending paratroopers into the breeze. One of the jumpers exits and his static line appears to have been wrapped around his ‘chute. It completely rips the canopy from the suspension lines and he rapidly plummets to the ground.

The jumpmaster watches silently as the jumper nears the ground, when suddenly he deploys his reserve ‘chute to survive. The paratrooper paid attention to his training, and it saved his life.

A second video angle shows exactly how fast the jumper was traveling toward the Earth, as well as how close he came to becoming pancake. Incredible video.