Russian Parachute Bombs Rain Down On Rebel Forces

first published on July 6, 2016 by

Russian parachute bombs gently land directly in the city center of Aleppo, Syria. As gently as a bomb can land while exploding anyways.

Parachute bombs are an interesting tactic for Russian air power operating inside of Syria. The ordinance, often refereed to as retard bombs, (slightly different than dumb bombs) use the parachute to create aerodynamic drag. This in turn slows the rate of descent for the bombs, and gets rid of some of the forward momentum the ordinance gains while falling.

This tactic is generally employed when bombers are flying low, and they need time to escape the blast, or when they are dropping nuclear ordinance. These retarded bombs date all the way back to WWII, so it’s interesting to see them popping up again. Are the Russians practicing nuclear attack runs in Syria, or is this a tactic they need to use right now?


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