Russian Navy Unveils New Weapon That Causes Hallucinations And Vomiting

first published on February 6, 2019 by

The Russian Navy has reportedly unveiled an active denial type weapon system that causes targeted victims to hallucinate, vomit, and temporarily lose visual acuity.

russian navy

The weapon, called the “Filin” was developed by the state-owned Ruselectornics technology firm, reportedly fires a non-lethal, directed-energy beam, which in turn causes the nauseating and disorienting effects.

russian navy

The Russian military recently tested it on infantry troops by having them fire their rifles at targets while the weapon system engaged them. All troops were reportedly effected by the device at differing levels of severity, and the Russians deemed the test a success.

The weapon has already been placed into service on two different warships, and will reportedly continue to be fielded on future Russian naval vessels as they are built.


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