Panic Sparked Over Russian Navy Approaching U.S. Naval Vessels

first published on April 7, 2017 by

It has been reported by both Fox News and Breitbart that U.S. Naval vessels are being threatened by Russian ships in the Mediterranean Sea. Is this worth worrying about?

Last night the United States of America conducted a retaliatory attack against the Assad Regime in Syria by dropping 59 Tomahawk Cruise missiles onto the Shayrat Airbase. It was reported that there were Russian Troops in an advise and assist role, similar to the exact role the American ground troops are playing for Syrian rebels, on the base. Of the three governments involved, two had mixed reports. The United States Defense Department released an official statement saying that they knew about the Russian troops and gave them ample warning to evacuate the area, while Russian state run television released a drastically different statement saying that the troops on the ground had no warning whatsoever.


Today, one day after the Tomahawk missiles were fired, the media is still in an uproar over all of the mixed signals. This prompted Fox News Chief Political Anchor Bret Baier to release a tweet saying that a Russian Warship entered the Mediterranean Sea, and was on a path directly towards the two American ships that launched last night’s attack. The tweet was then reposted by Breitbart news with a headline that read Report: Russian Warship Heading for U.S. Navy Destroyers that Launched Syria Attack.


The obvious conclusion one would draw from this headline is that a Russian Warship was on a direct path to attempt to sink American ships in the Med. This however, could not be further than the truth, as the ship was already on a routine mission back into the Mediterranean after conducting a replenishment at sea.

From Russia’s TASS news agency.

The Russian Black Sea Fleet’s frigate The Admiral Grigorovich, currently on a routine voyage, is to enter the Mediterranean later on Friday, a military-diplomatic source in Moscow told TASS, adding that the ship would make a stop at the logistics base in Syria’s port of Tartus.

“The Russian ship armed with cruise missiles Kalibr will visit the logistics base in Tartus, Syria,” the source said.

The Admiral Grigorovich is currently near the Black Sea straits. It is scheduled to enter the Mediterranean at about 14:00 Moscow time. The ship left on a voyage after replenishing supplies at Novorossiisk and taking part in a joint exercise with Turkish ships in the Black Sea.

Which essentially means the ship is on a routine operation in the area, and would have been there regardless of last night’s strike. There is no reason to believe that the Admiral Grigorovich is in anyway in the area because of the events prior to its arrival.

Always dig deeper when you are presented with these types of stories and headlines. Never stop at just the headline, and share it without getting further into the article. This type of misinformation media is one of the largest problems we face in this day and age.