Russian Mi-24 Nearly Eats Dirt During Close Air Support

first published on October 11, 2015 by

Russian Mi-24’s wreaking havoc in support of Syrian forces.

Russia has once again escalated its air campaign in support of Assad’s forces on the ground. We can now clearly see Russian Mi-24’s flying combat operations overhead destroying rebel targets. This is all in support of a new SAA ground attack to push American backed rebels out of their controlled territories.

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Russian officials currently claim that all of its air attacks have been targeting ISIS, however most of their attacks have been conducted in areas where the group has little to no presence. Graphics from the New York Times show the locations of controlled territories, over lapped with all known current Russian Air Strikes.

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Saturday American and Russian officials conducted a 90 minute video conference in order to discuss safe flight operations over Syria. In a conflict where all lines are blurred this discussion was desperately needed to prevent a Top Gun type scenario from occurring in Syrian Airspace. One US Aircraft has already been pushed to take evasive actions in order to avoid an incident with Russian aircraft.

U.S Proposals have been generally accepted by Russian officials. As outlined both groups have agreed to keep a safe distance from each other in the air. The Russians have also agreed to use common radio frequencies for all distress calls. Efforts to maintain pilot safety have become a primary concern for NATO over the last few days.


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