Russian Mercenary Gives Video Tour Of Hastily Deserted US Base In Syria

first published on October 16, 2019 by

A Russian mercenary moonlighting as a war reporter posted multiple videos to his Telegram account, showing a hastily deserted US military base near Manbij, Syria.

russian mercenary

Oleg Blokhin gives a “Cribs” style tour of the abandoned base while saying things like, “We are at the U.S. base in Manbij. Only yesterday morning they were still here and today we are here. Let’s have a look at how they lived here, what they did and what it is all about.”

The base is eerily complete, which supports the claim that it was rapidly vacated by the Americans. Fuel tanks, generators, antennas and satellite communications dishes, 20-man tents (complete with cots and bedding) and even an expensive construction vehicle can be seen in the video.

Another video posted by Blokhin a day later reportedly shows him crossing the Euphrates River on his way to Kobani. A rough translation of Blokhin says something “…we’re going to Kobani, technically we’re not supposed to go there, but … when they can’t not let you go… all is permitted…”