Russian Holding Grenade Gets Shot By Police And Explodes

first published on April 4, 2018 by

An extremely graphic video out of Russia shows a man with a grenade get shot by the police before exploding.

Russian police are called to a domestic disturbance in which a distraught man believes his girlfriend is cheating on him, so he took her hostage while threatening to blow the both of them up.

An extremely brave police officer approaches the couple to negotiate the woman’s release. He is successful, and soon the cop is escorting the girlfriend out of the potential blast radius. The officers now attempt to coax the man into disarming himself, but he doesn’t comply.

Instead, the grenade wielding suspect tries to make an escape. Although he was running in the opposite direction of the bystanders, the police cannot let this man leave with the grenade considering he already demonstrated deadly intent.

An officer drops the suspect with a well placed bullet. It’s unclear if the suspect is still alive. The girlfriend, seeing her significant other wounded, begins frantically shrieking as the police try to keep her under physical control.

Suddenly the grenade detonates, sending a red shower of blood into the air. His mangled corpse splashes down heavily into the water. The deadly situation is now past, but the women is only that much more traumatized as she screams emotional anguish and wrestles with the police.


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