Russian FSB Blows Up And Runs Over Jihadist In Dagestan

first published on May 2, 2018 by

Russian FSB officers go into overkill mode as they dominate Islamist insurgents in Dagestan.

An insane video starts off with a jihadist militant being filmed inside a rundown residential structure. The militant can be seen holding up the Shahada Black Standard, more familiarly known as the ISIS flag.

The insurgent then disappears as an explosion consumes him. It is unclear from the video if he was hit by a FSB grenade or if he detonated an explosive suicide vest (the more likely option).

It doesn’t really matter, because shortly thereafter, what appears to be a Russian BTR-90 comes crashing through the walls and smashes whatever is left of the insurgent. As soon as the armored personnel carrier backs off the steaming puddle of mushed terrorist, multiple explosions start erupting all over the scene.

It’s uncertain if the follow-on blasts are secondaries from the suicide bomber’s explosive belt or if nearby Russian forces started hammering the site with an automatic grenade launcher.

The video then ends just as crazily as it started. An FSB vehicle is backing down an alley as a crazy jihadists sprints at, and then mounts the vehicle.

Small arms projectiles strike around the man as he climbs onto the windshield, and a round even appears to be fired from inside the vehicle by one of the passengers. The occupants of the FSB vehicle are undoubtedly expecting the man to be rigged with explosives. The video ends as the truck speeds out of frame with the Islamist still clinging to it.


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