Russian Fighter Pilot Pulls Off Extreme Tailgate

first published on December 6, 2017 by

A Russian fighter pilot pulls off an extreme tailgate on a cargo aircraft just moments after an airdrop. Keep expecting a Russian version Kenny Loggins track to drop…

A Russian resupply aircraft purportedly operating in Syria prepares and then drops supplies over a barren expanse of desert. Once its contents safely clear the tail of the aircraft and the cargo hold is empty, a lone escort fighter decides to break up the monotony of the mission and pulls off a high-altitude tailgate.

Suddenly appearing into view from the lower starboard, the ballsy pilot quickly brings the fighter directly behind the cargo aircraft. Then he begins to inch ever closer, reminiscent of a mid-air refuel – but considerable closer.

Now with the nose of the fighter seemingly in the cargo hold, we get an up-close look at the menacing munitions mounted to the wings and the pilot pulling off the aerial stunt.

Skills and manhood now firmly established, the Ruski-pilot does his “because I was inverted” move, upending and dramatically descending from view. The video concludes with the noticeable approval of the thoroughly amused cargo crew.

How do you say, “Danger Zone” in Russian?


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