Russian Security Forces Demolish Insurgent Hideout, With Them Still Inside

first published on February 8, 2018 by

Russian security forces surround and destroy an insurgent hideout piece by piece in the North Caucus’s – eventually bringing the building down on the militants inside. Showing little patience for the frequently violent region and its inhabitants, the Russians simply flatten the house and leave a pile of rubble in their wake.

A video highlighting a siege by Russian security forces of insurgents in the Caucus region once again shows that they do things a little differently in the land of hammer and sickle. Unlike the west, where a “peaceful” or bloodless resolution is preferred (even in terrorist situations), the Ruski’s don’t quite see it that way. The enemy is trapped, and this is their chance to kill him.

As we’ve seen before, the Russians cordon the scene and park armored vehicles right in front of the target building. The security personnel laden with heavy body-armor and weapons take up positions around the building; while overwatch is established in the surrounding houses. With the insurgents fully cornered and no chance for escape, the Russians begin relentlessly pumping explosive rounds and machine gun fire into the building.

Having thoroughly suppressed the front of the house, the security forces creep closer and take up positions just below the building windows. Using pole mounted cameras, they sweep for signs of the insurgents and a small team attempts to enter the nearly destroyed front door.

With this attempt failing, the Russians pull back and again begin pounding the house with heavy weapons. Slowly demolishing the concrete structure, they eventually bring in a backhoe to completely flatten the building. The rubble reveals a lone AK and single pistol. Apparently, “crisis negotiation” doesn’t translate into Russian…