Russian Aircraft Carrier Conducts Airstrikes Against Targets in Syria

first published on March 27, 2018 by

Russian military video of its sole aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” conducting flight operations at sea and launching strikes against targets in Syria. Taking the viewer inside the cockpit, we get a rare look inside Russia’s military hardware and naval flight operations.

Russia’s sole aircraft carrier the Admiral Kuznetsov, a soviet era warship weighing in at 55,000-tons, launches multiple rotary and fixed-wing aircraft at sea. Protected by a number of escort vessels, several Sukhoi SU-33’s take off from the carrier’s “ski-jump” ramp at the end of the bow.

The Su-33 is a naval variation of the land-based Su-27 air superiority fighter and conducts fleet defense, air support, and air superiority missions and can additionally be used for direct fire support of an amphibious assault and reconnaissance.

The video also shows the launching of a pair of apparent MiG-29K’s, another Russian all-weather carrier-based multirole fighter. However, it’s unclear in the video which aircraft conduct which airstrikes.

Once airborne, the fighters enter Syrian airspace and begin their strikes. Blasting several unidentified targets with guided munitions.

Ordinance dropped, and targets destroyed, the attack aircraft return to the small floating island purportedly afloat in the Mediterranean Sea.

With the day’s light quickly fading, the Russian pilots begin safely landing on the Admiral Kuznetsov’s flight deck one after the other.


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