Russian Air Force Su-25 Shot Down With MANPADS, Pilot Killed

first published on February 3, 2018 by

A Russian Air Force Su-25 “Frogfoot” was shot down earlier today by Jaysh al Nasr rebels in southeast Idlib by means of Man Portable Air Defense System (MANPADS).

Multiple angles of the shootdown, as well as footage of the crash site, were posted to various Twitter accounts, and the Russian government has confirmed the event.

Reports from Russian state media stated that the pilot was able to eject, but was later killed by rebels on the ground as he resisted capture.

The video shows a pair of Russian Air Force attack jets flying together, and one carries out a strafing attack run toward the ground. As he pulls up from his gun run, the rebels fire the IGLA surface to air missile.

The missile appears to make a solid intercept of the aircraft, striking the fuselage of the aircraft. For a moment, the aircraft continues to carry on its path, almost as if it were unaffected. However, another camera angle shows a fire overtaking the fuselage, and soon the aircraft loses speed and begins to fall toward the ground.

The video goes on to show the burning aftermath at the wreckage site where rebels explore the destroyed aircraft. The footage allows the viewer to confirm the type of the aircraft and authenticate that it indeed belonged to the Russian military.

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Video watermarks show both Hyat Tahrir ash Sham (al Qaeda) as well as Jaysh al Nasr. The groups are allied in their fight against regime forces in Idlib. Jaysh al Nasr was previously supplied with US-made BGM-71 anti tank guided missiles under Obama’s rebel-arming program.