Russian Air Force Obliterates Islamic State Counter Attack

first published on August 21, 2017 by

While staging a counter attack against the Syrian Arab Army, members of the Islamic State meet the business end of the Russian Air Force.

The three minute long video you are about to watch is a series of air strikes conducted against the Islamic State by the Russian Air Force. It is believed that after losing a position in Al-Sukhnah, Syria to the SAA, members of the Islamic State were about to conduct a massive counter attack. A number of suicide vehicles were being staged and prepped as the spearhead of the attack when the Russian intelligence agencies spotted them from aerial reconnaissance platforms.

The Russians quickly dispatched their Air Force assets that are on the ground in Syria, and carried out decisive strikes against the would be Islamic State attack before it could pick up any steam. This is the footage, released by the Russian Ministry of Defense, that was recorded by the aircraft’s gun cameras. It shows the total devastation of a group of Islamic State fighters that were preparing an attempt to regain ground from the Syrian Army.


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