Video: Russian Tu-22M3 Bomber Explodes During Hard Landing

first published on January 28, 2019 by

A video has surfaced showing the Jan. 22, 2019 fiery crash of a Russian Tu-22M3 Bomber at Olenegorsk airbase, in which three of the four crew members were killed.

hard landing

The supersonic bomber was returning from a training mission in terrible weather conditions. The video shows the aircraft coming in too fast and making a hard landing.

The plane bounces off the runway and instantly snaps as it erupts into a massive fireball. The burning wreckage continues sliding across the tarmac for several meters. It’s incredible that one of the crew members survived the crash.

According to The Aviationist, this is the third Tu-22 variant destroyed in the last three years. The Tu-22M3 is an updated variant of a Cold War era bomber that was initially designed to be an anti-ship missile carrier, but now serves in several roles, including long-range patrol, surveillance, and attack operations.