Russia Unveils Evidence Of ISIS-Turkey Oil Business

first published on December 3, 2015 by

Russian Defense Ministry officials presented satellite images of large tanker truck convoys shipping immense quantities of oil from Islamic State-held oil facilities in Syria and crossing the border into Turkey unhindered.


Russian officials went on to allege that the same networks used for illegally smuggling oil into Turkey, were being used to smuggle weapons, equipment, and training into the hands of ISIS fighters back in Syria and Iraq. After hitting Turkey, the oil is being disseminated to the domestic market, some is exported through Turkish Mediterranean ports, while the rest is delivered to the city of Batman for refining.

Russia went even as far to implicate Turkish president Erdogan and his family as being the direct beneficiaries and facilitators of the terrorist-ran extraction of Iraq and Syria’s valuable resource. The Russian Defense officials pushed the common-sense angle of the argument, highlighting that Erdogan’s son runs one of the biggest energy companies in the nation, and that Erdogan’s son-in-law is the energy minister.

However, any definitive evidence of the President’s family’s direct involvement in the illegal business was not made readily public by the Russians… at least not yet. The Russians promised to continue unveiling evidence implicating the Turkish government’s complicity with the Islamic State over the coming days and weeks.


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