Russia Threatens Attack On US Outpost, These Marines Hope They Do

first published on September 20, 2018 by

In early September 2018, the Russian military repeatedly warned that they were going to support an imminent Syrian Army attack on the US special operations outpost at At Tanf, Syria.


The Pentagon didn’t take the threats lightly and immediately reenforced the base with India Company, 3d Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, who are attached to the Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force, Crisis Response-Central Command.

This contingent of heavily armed and equipped Marines exists solely to arrive rapidly and destroy everyone and everything within their weapons’ maximum effective range. These Marines aren’t just ready for this fight, they pray for it.

The following footage documents Operation Apex Teufelhunden, a rapid response training exercise near At Tanf Garrison on Sept. 7-11, 2018. The exercise not only allows the Marines to perform a “dry run” for training purposes, but also acts as a show of force for the ever-watching Russian and Syrian Army units.

Coincidentally, the “imminent” Russian attack never occurred.

Yet, according to Syrian media, at least some of the US-backed rebels occupying At Tanf have reportedly agreed to a surrender agreement and will be bussed out of the border area to northern Syria after turning in their weapons.

The dismantling of the US outpost at At Tanf has been on the discussion table between the US and Russia for months as part of a broader attempt to deescalate tensions and fighting between Israel and Iran.

At Tanf is strategically situated just inside Syria, where the borders of Iraq, Jordan, and Syria all meet. This was the location at which a US F-15E fighter jet shot down an Iranian Shahed 129 attack drone after the craft reportedly fired a “dud” munition into a group of Western coalition-embedded fighting forces.


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