Russia Repeatedly Roasts Residential Areas With Incendiary Bombs

first published on April 18, 2017 by

The following footage from the first two weeks of April shows fiery destruction as Russian aircraft repeatedly roasts residential areas in the Hama governorate of northwestern Syria.

Witnesses on the ground have recorded RuAF Su-25 “Frogfoot” aircraft buzzing through the skies as incendiary canister munitions rain down on houses. Witness photographs also show the used Russian payload housing scattered across the scorched ground.

The villages being targeted: Al-Lataminah, Maaret Tajermah, Hurmah, and Tell As-Sayad are all well-within 20km of Khan Sheikhoun, the site for the recent deadly gas attack.

While I personally believe that the gas attack needs to be independently investigated (not gonna happen any time soon and pretty much impossible)… and that it was just as likely an al Qaeda affiliate that carried out the chemical attack to frame Assad and Putin… the fact that the Russians are burning entire occupied neighborhoods to the ground in the same area is in no way helping to exonerate them.

War is war. It’s brutal, and it’s bad, but if you can’t see the difference between civilians unintentionally dying in US precision airstrikes and Russia burning entire neighborhoods of civilian homes to the ground with the occupants inside… you’re either an idiot or trolling.


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