Video: Russia Unveils Nuclear Capable Anti Missile Rocket

first published on February 13, 2018 by

Russia has unveiled their next generation of nuclear capable anti missile rockets that will defend Moscow from ballistic missile attacks.

A video posted by Russia’s Ministry of Defense reportedly shows a successful test intercept using their new rocket, which is likely an upgraded version of their A-135 anti missile system.

The press release didn’t give the new system a name or nomenclature, but according to the Deputy Commander of the Air and Missile Defence of the Aerospace Forces Colonel Andrey Prikhodko, “There is no doubt that this anti-missile rocket, just like all elements of the anti-missile defense that are presently undergoing modernization, will be able to carry out their task in providing a reliable defense of their region.”

This new upgraded anti missile system, much like its predecessor, is designed to intercept a ballistic missile strike on the capital city of Moscow by detonating a nuclear blast in the vicinity of the incoming missile.

The idea of detonating a nuclear warhead in the stratosphere comes with the risk of targeting your own infrastructure with an electromagnetic pulse, which is likely to render electronic devices, global positioning systems, and satellites useless.

The following video, filmed at Sary Shagan test range in Kazakhstan, contains no sound.


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