Graphic: Careless RPG Gunner Doesn’t Take Cover In Time

first published on October 4, 2016 by

During some of the usual clashes in Syria, and FSA RPG gunner gets clapped in the face. Keep using that same firing point though, it’s totally working.

There seems to be a really nasty trend for the fighting in Syria. Both sides take up positions of decent cover, and then continuously reveal their position to shoot at each other. No one maneuvers, no one attacks, they just stay in place and try to suppress each other to death.

Almost always, this tactic results in both sides firing until a singular individual gets hit in the face. In this instance, it just happens to be the careless RPG gunner who gets clapped.

I wonder if there are rules to this style of combat. Do both sides continue until a death occurs? Once that death occurs does it signify a defeat for the team who loses a fighter first? I don’t get it honestly.

Warning: This video contains graphic content, including death, which may be unsuitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.


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