Royal Saudi Arabian Armed Forces Power In 2019

first published on June 9, 2019 by

The Royal Saudi Arabian Armed Forces are among the best-funded militaries in the world. The Kingdom’s yearly defense spending is an estimated $69.04 billion USD.

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Saudi Arabia is, by far, the world’s largest arms importer, and US-made weapons account for more than half of those imports. Weapons sales from the US to KSA have risen sharply since 2015.

Yet, even when outfitted with an abundance of the most cutting edge weaponry available on the international market, the Royal Saudi Arabian Armed Forces are a pretty standard Arab military… incompetent with a predilection for human rights violations.

The fact that these guy are one of the best outfitted militaries in the world, but still conduct flaming hoop jumping to demonstrate their capabilities should tell you everything you need to know.