Royal Marines Corps of Drums VS Switzerland’s Top Secret Drum Corps

first published on April 25, 2018 by

The Royal Marines Corps of Drums collaborating with Switzerland’s Top Secret Drum Corps will likely be the most satisfying thing you see all day.

The impressive video was filmed at the Mountbatten Festival of Music in 2017 and is the first time the two drum lines performed together.

The Royal Marines Corps of Drums is an actual military unit. Although their primary job within the military is music, they also fill other day-to-day roles and work details like any other service member.

Although the Top Secret Drum Corps is composed of non military personnel, they trace their roots to military drumming drills of the Swiss military dating back to the Middle Ages.

In modern times, military drumming is artistic and ceremonial in nature. However, long before radio and satellite communication, military drummers served an important and practical purpose.

Drummers were used to keep cadence (pace) and lift morale as infantry units made long marches to the objective. Once engaged in battle, the drummers were used to broadcast the commander’s orders (advance, flank, bayonet charge, retreat…) across the noisy battlefield.


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