Royal Australian Regiment Battle Taliban In Chora Valley

first published on June 22, 2016 by

This nearly half hour long helmet cam firefight video follows the 8/9 Royal Australian Regiment as they get ambushed by Taliban insurgents in the Chora Valley region of Uruzgan province, Afghanistan.


With multiple camera angles, the video does well to demonstrate the complexity of the battlefield. Some troops are pinned in the open, while others are hunkered down in an irrigation ditch. While trying to get a fix on enemy locations to return fire, the Australian troops must also be careful to be situationally aware of where friendly forces are as they constantly shift positions.

The troops in the open are attempting to seek cover in the ditch, but “friendly” Afghan forces are spraying over their heads from behind, keeping them pinned down in a crossfire. Eventually, they are able to consolidate their entire element into the aqueduct, but they realize that they are sitting ducks and will get flanked and picked apart if they remain in the low ground.

They decide to assault and clear a nearby compound to hold down as their own. They breach the kalat and immediately go into close quarters battle mode as they ensure there are no Taliban fighters already using the same fortification. The compound is clear, and they send dudes to the roof to set up 360 degrees of security and support by fire elements.

At that point, the remaining troops in the aqueduct move in to the compound under the cover of friendly grenade and machine gun suppressing fire. Once inside the compound, squad leaders get accountability of their troops, weapons, sensitive items, and water. As the video ends, they mark their position with yellow smoke as rotary wing close air support arrives to punish any remaining enemy.


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